Advanced POS System – Shopify

Advanced POS System – Shopify

The POS systems help you manage, scale and optimize your business, easily and effortlessly. A POS system is basically a software that supports order processing and more. It consists of a cash drawer, customer display, receipt printer, monitor and a computer sometimes. Every POS system is unique in its own way. This article will discuss the POS system offered by Shopify and how it can make things easy for you.

The POS system of Shopify will give you a retail experience that will stand out. You can accept payments, sell anywhere and grow your business. With the help of Shopify’s POS system, you can easily accept gift cards, credit cards and more. It has a design that is simple and a user-friendly. Furthermore, you can easily sell better with its advanced security and accurate management of inventory. Shopify also has a team to support customers 24/7 through its live chat session or email. Moreover, you can easily sell at more than one retail store.

If we look at the price, the basic plan costs $29 per month. This plan is perfect for businesses that are new. In this package, you get a free card reader, pop-ups, markets, and it also lets you sell in person. Then there is another price plan, costing $79 per month. In this package, you can set a permanent shop and get a receipt printer as well as a cash drawer. Next is the advanced Shopify package that costs $299 per month and allows you to scale with support for up to 15 staff. Furthermore, you get the best rates for transactions and advanced reporting option which will allow you to reach your business goals easily and effortlessly.

Shopify also provides users with a 14 days free trial. Furthermore, you can increase profits as well as efficiency by managing inventory from various locations at any time, viewing sales performance in real-time and managing your customer base and as a result achieving growth in your business. You can easily connect your Shopify store with the leading POS system for an effortless connection to products, orders, customers and inventory.

Thus, Shopify is an amazing platform to if you’re a retailer and looking for easy and efficient solutions to achieve your business goals and to reach targets such as sales and leads. Therefore, research well and make the right choice for your business.

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