5 Essential Features of a Credit Card Reader

Missing important sales is the worst experience of all the online retailers. They start the e-commerce business with the aim of making a profit. Because all the businesses involve a lot of transactions, you need to ensure that you have various methods of payments. When customers land on your online store and find out that you lack the safe means of payments, they will exit without making purchases. To avoid this, you need to ensure that you accept the credit cards. With a reliable credit card reader, you will effectively run your business. It is a data input device that will help you to read the information from your customers’ card. The internet provides a variety of card readers, but not all are reliable. Here are 5 features you need to consider when choosing one for your business:

Easy to operate

Due to the introduction of new and modern technology, customers do not like spending more time during purchases. It is for this reason why you need a credit card reader that is easy to operate. It will allow you to quickly read the customers’ information during the time of payment. Also, one that is capable of quickly transmitting card data is essential. It will fasten the check-out process which will enhance the customers’ experience.


Most of the customers fear to use the credit card due to the increase of hacking cases. However, they view the card payment method as safe as compared to other methods. If your business is encountering challenges of attacks, it will negatively impact customer loyalty. Thus, you need to ensure that the customers’ data are safe. A credit card reader that meets the PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security standards) should be your priority. It will assure your customers of safe check-out. Also, the SSL (Secure Socket Layers) certification is essential when it comes to security.

A variety of payment methods besides the credit card

How to find The Best Credit Card Processing Services for 2019? In this era, customers are using various payment methods. They use not only the credit cards but also the debit cards, gift cards as well as mobile. Thus, having a variety of ways to make payment is essential because you will attract new and more customers in your online store. You will offer them an opportunity to use a payment method of choice which will lead to a quick check-out process. In this essence, if you want customers to stick to your business, you need to consider a credit card reader with a variety of payment methods.

A reliable customer support

At times, you may experience some technical difficulties during payment. Due to this, you need someone to assist you to fix the issues at no extra charges. Because some of the credit card reader companies offer a 24/7 customers service while others are available only during standard business hours, you need to ensure that you pick one that is always available. If you make a mistake of selecting one that will not provide positive feedback at the right time, you will end up hiring a professional to fix the problems for you. These professionals charge huge dollars which can affect your business. It is for this reason why you need to give the customer support a priority.

EMV support

In current days, things are becoming better because there are many ways to prevent fraud cases. Due to this, millions of customers are shifting to online shopping. Therefore, you need to select a credit card reader with two slots: one for accepting the EMV chip cards and the other slot for magnetic strip card. With this, it will be your great task as a merchant to ensure that you enter the right card in the right slot. Failure to this, you will be responsible for any fraud case.

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